GBC Foton 30 Laminator (Auto Feed Laminator)

GBC Foton 30 Laminator (Auto Feed Laminator)

Introducing the first fully automated desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and trims with the touch of a button. FOTON 30 revolutionizes the way you laminate, Equipped with build-in auto feeder and trimmer, Foton 30 delivers automatic lamination – freeing up your time for other activities.



  • Strong and dependable
  • Hand Free Lamination
  • Load and go operation
  • Easy supply loading



  • Feeder Capacity: 30 sheets
  • Auto Start: Feeds once laminator is ready
  • Trimmer: Auto & manual mode
  • paper size: Max 297 x 420 mm, Min 125 x 153 mm
  • paper weight: Auto Feed- 65 to 120gsm , Manual Mode – 65 to 250gsm
  • warm up time: 3-4 min


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