Safescan 2685-S Banknote Counter


The 2685-S is programmed to automatically identify and fully authenticate banknotes up to 10 different currencies (MYR, SGN, HKD, CNY, THB, EUR, GBP, USD). It checks all other currencies on up to three security features: UV ink, magnetic properties and size.

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  • Value counting with7-point counterfeit detection: UV, magnetic ink, metallic thread, infrared, color, thickness and size detection
  • 8 default currencies: MYR, SGD, HKD, CNY, THB, USD, EUR, GBP
  • Free counting with UV and/or MG detection for all currencies
  • Counts sorted banknotes of all currencies
  • Suitable for Polymer banknotes
  • Large hopper capacity of 500 notes for high capacity counting
  • Stacker capacity of 220 notes
  • Add & Batch function
  • User-friendly front panel
  • Large LCD display with clear & professional layout
  • Adjustable counting speed: 800, 1.200 and 1.500 bills per minute
  • Sheet counting option (free count) without counterfeit detection
  • Auto-start and manual-start functions
  • Power: 110-240V, 50/60Hz


Catalogue: Safescan-2685-S