Rapid 12 mm Glue Stick Multi-purpose


These 12 mm, multi-purpose glue sticks deliver quality bonding thanks to high resin levels. Perfect for a wide range of applications such as wood, leather, fabrics, cork, plastic materials, faience and cardboard.

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  • Ø12 x 190 mm
  • High resin levels
  • Application temperature: 160-200 °C
  • Softening point: 81-84 °C
  • Open time: 60 sek
  • Set time: 30 sek
  • 1 kg, packed in plastic bag
  • For EG111. EG212, EG250, CG270, EG280, BGX300, EG310, EG320, EG330, EG340, EG360, EG380, G1000, Hobby Glue Gun


Code 40302798
Colour ————
Material EVA and resin
Dimensions 140 x 52 x 200
Glue stick diameter 12 mm
Use For Multi-purpose use
Other ECO-T Glue D12x190mm 1Kg Bag AT12 – P-09-001 – 190
Weight 1.03



Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 20 cm


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