Rapid Classic Electric Stapler 105E


Fast, reliable, stapler with versatile, slim design. For industrial users. 2 or more staplers can be linked for simultaneous multi-stapling.

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Staples up to 50 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

220V, standard EU plug

Uses 66/6-8 mm staples

Adjustable stapling force

Adjustable stapling depth 0-100 mm

Slim design for versatile storage

Protection visor, cuts the power when lifted

Replaceable insert stapler (long service life)

Can be linked for simultaneous multi-stapling

Optional extras include pedal, clamp for table mounting, opto cables, multi base for max. 4 staples



Code 10870402
Color [not assigned]
Material Plastic, metal and electronics
Dimensions 280 x 110 x 290
Scope of delivery 66/6 and 8 mm staples
Capacity of stapling 50 sheets
Handling Yes
Type of staples (capacity) 66/6-8+
Loading mechanism Front loading
Stapling Stapling and pinning
Insertion depth 102 mm
Weight 4



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Weight 5 kg