Our Company has been established since 1998, formerly known as Weng Seng Typewriter Services. WengSeng OA are specialise in repair and service all kinds of office automation like Safe box, Paper shredder, printer, fax machine, time recorder and etc. Other than that, we also supply all kinds of office consumable.

WENGSENG OA SALES & SERVICES is dedicated to supplying solutions, sales and service of office equipment. We have more than 13 years of experience in the sales and services office equipment. We understand that you’ll need a dependable, reliable and knowledge always to keep everything running smoothly as our slogan ‘A Service Is Forever’. Our Technicians are specialists in service fax machine, printer, typewriter, copier, cheque writer, time recorder & computer system. WENGSENG OA SALES & SERVICES offers competitive rates, flexible service contracts and warranty work on most major brands.

Our main activities are:-
– Supply office equipment
* Paper Shredder
* Time Recorder
* Chequewriter
* Safe Box
* Binding Machine
* Laminator
* Cutter
* Keyphone System
* Time Recorder / Punch Card machine
* Fax Machine
* Printer
* Note Counting Machine
* Cash Register
* LCD projector
* Computer System / Laptop / Accessories

– Printer , Fax , Desktop copier rental service

Printing supplies

– Service office automation contract and maintenance


We also are involve in selling products for several electronic companies ie Nakajima, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Epson, Brother, Olympia, etc. We sell wide range of their products ranging from Printing Supplies ie ink cartridge, toner cartridge, ribbon, ink film, printer etc.