Safescan 2210 Banknote Counter


Save time and eliminate all chance of error. The Safescan 2210’s back-loading hopper can hold up to 300 banknotes and accurately count them, up to 1000 notes per minute.

including 10x wet cards and 10x dry cards

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  • UV counterfeit detection
  • Counts 1.000 notes/minute
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Auto start and stop function
  • For all currencies
  • Suitable for Polymer banknotes
  • Add and batch function
  • Alarm when suspected or different sized banknote is detected
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Power: 240V
    Sort counting Yes
    Selectable currencies for sort counting N/A
    Value (mixed) counting No
    Selectable currencies for value counting N/A
    Counting without detection All currencies
    Counting with UV detection Yes
    Counting with UV & MG detection No
    Counting speedMaximum counting speed, in banknotes per minute 1.000
    Add functionContinue to add number of banknotes to the previously counted banknotes Yes
    Batch functionCreating fixed series of a pre-set number of banknotes Yes
    Reject pocket No
    Serialnumber scanning No
    Face & Orient sorting No
    100% testedTested by Central Banks on recognition of counterfeit banknotes No
    VoltageVoltage needed for the Banknote Counter to operate AC110-240V
    Portable usageThe Banknote Counter can be used without power wire No
    DimensionsSize of the Banknote Counter (LxHxW) 29.5 x 25 x 18.4
    ColorColor of the Banknote Counter Grey
    WeightWeight of the Banknote Counter 5.8


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 34 × 23 cm