Safescan Cleaning Cards ( set of 15) For Banknote Counters


Ensure continued top performance

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To maintain the best possible performance and make sure counterfeit bills stay out of your business, regular cleaning of your banknote counter is a must. The longer and more frequently banknotes are circulated, the more dust and dirt they contain. This grime can impair the operation of your banknote counter’s integrated sensors and roller system. By regularly using Safescan’s banknote counter cleaning cards, you keep your counter’s internal parts clean, and you can continue to reliably count and check banknotes’ authenticity.


Technical Specification:

  • Cleaning card system for banknote counters
  • Regular cleaning ensures continuous trouble-free operation
  • Cleans the magnetic heads and sensors that lay on the surface of the banknote feeding mechanism
  • Cleans the rollers and internal transport mechanism
  • Simply feed the cleaning cards through the banknote counter like a standard banknote
  • Contains water-based cleaning liquid – no chemical substance
  • Contains enough cards for 15 cleaning sessions
  • Cards are packed into airtight sleeves



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  • Safescan Cleaning Cards – Set of 15






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