Sysform D-50P Semi-auto Paper Drill


Single hole paper drill, equipped with safety guard for safe operation, with programmed bar for drilling options, available drill bits from 3mm to 10mm, professional design for avoiding waste paper jamming, heavy duty motor, adjustable driling margin, auto paper centering

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Single Hole / Powerful Type



  •  Equipped with safety guard for operation
  • Programmed bar for drilling options
  • Simple moving table for drilling
  • Equipped with side gauge
  • Available drill bits are from 3mm to 10mm
  • Professional design for avoiding waste paper jamming
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Adjustable drilling margin
  • Special hole on demand
  • Auto paper centering


Technical Data:

  • Drill capacity: 50mm/1.97”
  • Max. paper width: 350mm/13.78”
  • Drill margin: 28mm/1.1”
  • Dimension: 520x500x790
  • Weight: 26 kg


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