HSM Securio AF300CC Paper Shredder


The simple and convenient method of data destruction in the workplace. The document shredder with an automatic paper feed and lockable stack protects inserted stacks of paper from unauthorized access and shreds stacks of paper up to 300 sheets as well as single sheets of paper easily whilst saving you time.

To extends the life of cutters by keeping them well lubricated


Technical Specification:

– Shred capacity (70 grams): 10 sheets/ By Pass
– Shred Capacity (70 grams): 300 sheets/ By Tray
– Cutting style: Micro Cut
– Cutting size: 1.9 x 15 mm

– Cutting Speed: 0.06 m/ sec
– Working cycle: 15-20 min on/ 40 min off
– Can Shreds Staples, Paper Clips and credit cards.
– Working width: 240 mm (A4 Size)
– Bin Style: Pull Bin
– Bin Full Indicator: Yes
– Auto On System: Yes
– Sound Level: 56 db
– USB Stick (Lock-and-Go function protects the inserted paper stack against unauthorized access)

– Bin Capacity: 34 Liters
– Dimension (H x W x D): 837 x 395 x 435 mm
– Weight: 20.6 kg

Catalogue: HSM Securio AF300CC



Additional information

Weight 30 kg