HSM Securio B22CC Paper Shredder (Micro Cut)


Data security made easy! The powerful entry level model of the B-series for the workplace. With automatic start/stop and overload protection. The waste container with 33 liters of capacity can be easily removed and emptied.

To extends the life of cutters by keeping them well lubricated


Technical Specification:

  • Sheet capacity (70gsm): 11 sheets
  • Sheet capacity (80gam): 9 sheets
  • Cutting type: Micro Cut
  • Cutting size: 1.9×15 mm
  • Daily capacity: 250 sheets
  •  Cutting speed: 5.4meter/ min
  •  Shreds staples, paper clips and credit cards
  • Insertion width: 240mm/ A4 Size
  • Bin style: Pull Out Bin
  • Bin full indicator: Yes
  • Auto on system: Yes
  • Bin capacity: 33 Liters
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 600 x 375 x 310mm
  • Weight: 12 Kg


Desk Side Model

This machine is designed to site next to your desk for quick shredding of documents. It may fit underneath the overhanging lip of your desk although please check the dimensions opposite before ordering.

Catalogue: HSM Securio B22CC



Additional information

Weight 21.25 kg
Dimensions 38.3 × 45.8 × 71.5 cm
Cut Type

Micro Cut

Shred Size


Sheet Capacity

11 sheets (70gsm), 9 Sheets (70gsm)

Insertion Width

240 mm / A4

Bin Size Volume

30-39 Litre